About Prestige: A Houston Association Management Company

At Prestige Association Management, our mission is to help communities thrive by providing top-notch HOA management services that prioritize communication, harmony, and proactive solutions. Our founder, Sarah Eldridge, brings over 20 years of industry experience and a genuine passion for helping communities succeed.

With a focus on working with homeowners in well-established neighborhoods, Sarah and the Prestige team understand the unique needs of professional adults seeking a well-managed community. Sarah’s vision for Prestige is to be the friendly and helpful neighbor that communities can rely on for support and guidance, ensuring that each neighborhood maintains its value and provides an enjoyable living experience for all.

"We Believe"

A well-managed community enhances the quality of life for all residents, fostering a sense of belonging, pride, and satisfaction.

Open communication and transparency between homeowners, the board, and the management team are essential for building trust and achieving common goals.

Proactive solutions, financial responsibility, and a focus on harmony create thriving neighborhoods that maintain their value and appeal to discerning homeowners. 

Transforming Neighborhoods: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

At Prestige Association Management, we understand that when a neighborhood has experienced mismanagement or a lack of proper communication, it can be difficult to know where to begin in order to improve the overall quality of the community. That’s where our expertise comes in. No matter what challenges your community may be facing—be it previous mismanagement, poor enforcement, or a lack of communication—Prestige is here to help.

Us Vs Them

The Prestige Advantage:

  • Personalized, attentive service: We treat each community like our own, tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of every neighborhood we manage.
  • Proactive communication: We prioritize open lines of communication, ensuring that homeowners and board members are always informed and engaged.
  • Genuine community focus: Our passion for building strong, harmonious communities sets us apart from other management companies.

Other HOA Management Companies:

  • One-size-fits-all approach: Many competitors offer cookie-cutter solutions that don’t take into account the specific needs of individual communities.
  • Reactive instead of proactive: Some management companies only address issues when they become critical, rather than working to prevent problems before they arise.
  • Lack of personal touch: With some competitors, you might feel like just another number, rather than a valued member of a community they truly care about.

We're Here To Serve

Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to homeowners and HOA boards.

With a customer-first approach, we strive to create thriving communities by catering to each community’s unique needs.


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