Financial Management: Ensuring Stability and Growth for Your Community

Financial stability is crucial to the success of any community, and at Prestige Association Management, we strive to provide comprehensive financial management services that safeguard your association’s assets and promote long-term growth.

Our Financial Services Include:

  • Maintenance of checking, savings, and other banking accounts in the name of the Association, ensuring complete separation from Prestige’s own accounts
  • Preparation of the annual budget, based on prior operating expenditures, estimated future expenses, and required capital reserves
  • Accounting for all assessments and other charges due by the owners, with timely notifications for any delinquent payments
  • Streamlined online invoice system for Board approval, giving them full control over association funds
  • Disbursement of collected assessments for normal recurring expenses as provided in the budget and as approved by the Board
  • Monthly financial reports prepared on a modified accrual basis, including all income and expenses, reflecting the net cash position of the Association
  • Assistance in the annual audit of the Association, if required, ensuring transparency and compliance

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